Yassin Fekir – A Budding Football Associate Player of the Recent Times

Yassin Fekir

Football is one of the most famous sports popularly played and liked all across the globe. It is known by various names such as soccer, association football, rugby, and many others worldwide. Although anyone who knows the basic rules can play it without any difficulty, playing it on the national and international levels is an entirely different thing. As simple as it appears to be, being a footballer is not as easy as it seems. Yassin Fekir is an emerging football player whose efforts and popularity are outshining the world of sports.

This piece touches all the vital aspects of a football player in general. The hard work, efforts, and extensive hours of practice that a footballer puts up with daily are unimaginable. Most world-famous players have gone through extreme training sessions to secure a promising sports career. 

The Personal Life of Yassin Fekir

As he is an emerging player, detailed information about Yassin Fekir or his personal life is not easily available. But facts relating to his general information are present. Born on the 5th of May, 1997, this twenty-four-year footballer is of French origin, with his birthplace being ‘Lyon’ situated in France is of Algerian descent. Yassin is the younger brother of Nabil Fekir, a famous international footballer who successfully made his debut in 2015 when the squad that had chosen him was the winner of the FIFA World Cup in 2018. 

Yassin Fekir is a passionate player who continues to play with all his might when put out in real-time football matches help from time to time. With a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, he has long held the position of a winger in most of his participated matches. 

His Professional Life 

Although Yassin Fekir was not quite serious about playing football when he was in his teens, as said by his father, he played at the OL in 2015 and 2016. But he was not quite serious in professionalism and only took the matches as a type of game. But he is a hardworking player and merges as successful as his elder brother Nabil as time passes. 

Yassin Fekir signed a contract with Olympique Lyonnais, also popularly known as OL, in 2017. But he made his first debut by winning the French League Cup or the Coupe de la Ligue against Amiens Sporting Club in December of 2019. Again in March of 2019, he and the team won against the Toulouse Football Club. And the great thing about this win is that it was his first game for Ligue 1. And then, in July of 2019, he signed a deal with ‘Real Betis,’ which is a Spanish football club. 

Yassin Fekir – The Real Betis Team B Winger 

The ‘Real Betis,’ also known popularly as ‘Real Betis Balompié,’ is a Spanish football club known for its professional players. Yassin Fekir currently holds the winger position of division B of the Real Betis Club. A winger refers to the non-defender position that plays on the right and left sides of the pitch. It is practiced in modern-day football matches. 

When one researches ‘Yassin Fekir age,’ one will come to know that this 24-year-old prodigious footballer, in the February of 2021, was promoted to the first squad of the Betis club for the entire La Liga season but was put back to the former Betis Team-B for Primera Division RFEF, of the 2021-22 football match session. 

Since he is still growing as an Association football player, there is not much information about him, apart from his undeniably significant achievements. When one searches on ‘Yassin Fekir age,’ most search results will portray him as a young and popular sportsperson. He is one of the many young players that has achieved a lot at the present age of twenty-four years only. He is a living proof for the young generations living in their early to late twenties that by putting in proper efforts and indulging in the smart type of hard work, anyone can achieve the impossible. 

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