How Properly Sized Boxing Gloves Reduce the Risk of Injury


Safety is an important factor to consider while participating in combat sports like boxing and MMA. Using the right type and size of boxing gear, including boxing gloves, ensures that the fighters stay protected during their training sessions and matches.  With the boxing gloves market size expected to reach $2.25 Billion in 2033 and many people developing their likeness towards this sport, it is important to understand that a boxer can only perform well if he or she is wearing the appropriate-sized boxing gloves. The gloves should not be too tight or loose as they can affect a fighter’s performance and increase the chance of injuries. 

Let’s see the dangers or risk factors of wearing too tight or loose boxing gloves and how properly sized gloves can enhance a fighter’s performance, reducing the risk of injuries.

Consequences of Wearing Gloves Larger Than Your Hand Size

Choosing the right size depends on the size of your hands. However, your hands will likely get injured if you choose large gloves. Below is the list of consequences you may have to face wearing larger:

  • With large-sized gloves, hand movement within the gloves increases. It will put more pressure on your joints, tendons, and bones, thus causing cuts, sprains, and fractures in your hands.
  • Gloves larger than your hand size will also affect your fighting technique. You will need more energy to control your hand movement within these gloves and may not be able to focus on your punching technique.
  • With large-sized gloves, you will be more distracted and less focused on your performance. It will negatively affect your productivity.
  • If you choose large-sized gloves for your training or competition, these gloves will hinder your performance. They may get stuck in your punching bag strips or other boxing equipment.
  • Loose gloves will also affect your ability to grip other boxing equipment or essential tools.

What Will Happen If You Choose A Small Size Glove?

If you choose gloves smaller than your hands, you will injure your hands. Listed below are some of the problems you might face wearing smaller gloves than your hands:

  • Small-sized gloves will put more pressure and strain on your hands, causing the vasoconstriction of blood veins. The blood blockage will affect your energy and overall activity.
  • Gloves smaller than your hand size will also hinder your hand mobility and impact your performance in the ring.
  • If you choose small-sized gloves that are not covering your hands properly, you are putting yourself at risk of injuries. So, these gloves cannot fully protect your hands and wrists.
  • Your nerve or tendon may get damaged due to excessive pressure and exposure to vibrations.
  • Small-sized gloves will increase the risk of scratches, bangs, abrasions, and cuts in your hands.

Different Sizes Of Boxing Gloves

Usually, the boxing gloves are weighed in ounces (oz). This weight refers to both padding and the material used to design the outer layer of boxing gloves. It is important to pay attention to the weight of gloves because it affects the protection and punching force generated by the boxer’s hands.

Therefore, choose the customized boxing gloves that perfectly align with your weight and training type. Too small gloves will not fit you properly, and bulky gloves will be heavy and challenging to control.

Here is the detailed list of different boxing gloves designed based on different weight sizes;

Boxing Glove Weight (Oz)Use Of Boxing Glove
8 ozThese gloves provide less protection and are used to blow speedy punches in professional fights.
10 ozThese gloves enhance the fighting speed and offer better protection to the fighters,  so they are helpful in professional fights.
12 ozThese are the heaviest gloves that provide maximum protection and security to fighters during the bout.
14 ozThese gloves are hefty compared to other categories and are usually used for training and sparring.
16 ozThese gloves are an excellent option for people who wish to combine speed and protection in their training. They are ideal for heavy bag training and sparring.
20 ozThese gloves come with extra padding and offer maximum protection to heavyweight boxers.

This table shows the benefits of boxing gloves of different weights. Remember that the weight of boxing gloves also depends on the body weight of the fighter. So, make your decision wisely for an enhanced performance during the fights. It is better to take advice from a boxing coach or a certified trainer before purchasing. Many manufacturers offer custom boxing gloves, allowing you to design your own boxing gloves that fit perfectly and reflect your true fighting style.

Importance of Choosing Properly Sized Gloves

Comfort is the most important factor before choosing the right boxing gloves. This is because, regardless of how wonderful the gloves are, fighters will not wish to wear them if they are uncomfortable. Because improperly sized gloves will affect their performance. Therefore, boxers prefer choosing the properly sized gloves as they offer;

  • Secure and snug fit.
  • Maximum protection for the fighters and their trainers.
  • No risk of getting injuries during intense training sessions.
  • Less exposure to vibrations during fights.
  • Enhanced and effective performance in the ring.
  • No damage to tendons or ligaments of your hands.
  • Lesser risk of getting cuts, lacerations, or abrasions.

Reduce Injuries By Choosing The Right-Sized Gloves

Choosing proper-sized gloves will reduce the risk of injuries, cuts, abrasions, and hand wounds. Boxing gloves are an essential piece of protective boxing gear and must be selected carefully. Measure the size of your hands and align it with the glove size. If you need more padding and protection, consider choosing heavier gloves.

However, lighter gloves would be the best choice if you search for gloves that enhance your punching speed and mobility. So, choose a glove that perfectly aligns with your preferences and hand size, whether you are a beginner or a professional fighter.

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