Do You Really Need Hand Wraps with Your Boxing Gloves?

Boxing Gloves

Boxing is one of the most dangerous combat sports that exposes fighters to severe injuries and fractures. It demands continuous training and heavy workouts to master the boxing techniques and skills. To protect themselves from injuries, fighters use boxing equipment, specifically boxing gloves with additional protection from hand wraps. These wraps serve as the first line of defense for protecting you from hand injuries.

Hand wraps come in different lengths, typically ranging from 120 to 180 inches. The length choice depends on personal preference, hand size, and the desired level of wrapping and protection. You can get customized wraps for yourself if the available size doesn’t fit you.

This article will help you understand the importance of hand wraps and make timely decisions. Without further ado, let’s get going.

Importance Of Using Hand Wraps With Boxing Gloves

Wearing boxing gloves during a fight is a smart idea to protect your hands. You can increase punching effectiveness and add cushioning by wearing hand wraps. Additionally, they can shield you from scratches and other injuries in the course of a workout or fight. Some reasons why you should wear boxing wraps alongside boxing gloves;

  • Enhanced Cushioning

Even with the glove’s generous padding it may not always completely protect you from an opponent’s strong punches. Therefore, consider gloves and wrist wrap as a single system wherein one layer serves to defend you and the other to shield your opponent. Muay Thai and MMA fighters usually wear hand wraps because MMA gloves have less padding to enhance their hand cushioning.  

  • Injury Prevention

When it comes to injury prevention, an excellent inner glove is the first and most crucial line of protection. Boxing hand wraps provide further security. The hand is made up of 27 tiny bones, each of which absorbs a tremendous amount of shock when struck. Secure, well-fitting hand wraps keep everything in place and, by providing support, greatly lessen the chance of bones breaking.

  • Advanced Thumb Support 

The most overlooked advantage of wrist wraps is advanced thumb support. In addition to serving as a “hook” for the hand wrap, the thumb hook loop also keeps your thumb maintained. Thumb support is necessary for throwing powerful punches.

  • Enhanced Wrist Support

Keeping your wrists stabilized and in alignment with your clenched hands is the main advantage of hand wraps. Tight wrist wrapping is a common practice among fighters to ensure maximum injury prevention.

A wrist injury is one of the worst ailments a boxer can have because it renders you totally incapacitated. If your wrist is not in line with your knuckles when you throw a punch, you could end up twisting your wrist. It may not be an issue if you’re hitting light shots, but it can cause major harm if you’re delivering heavy shots on heavy bags.

  • Ensure Smooth Blood Flow

Hand wraps offer a certain amount of support that can enhance hand blood flow and lessen post-training edema. They also help to keep the hand in its correct alignment.

  • Knuckle Protection

Hand wraps also take care of your knuckles from impact when you strike a punching bag. Even though knuckles are the most frequently used weapon, throwing a strong punch without the right protection can result in injuries. You can add a few layers of cushioning to your knuckles by wrapping them multiple times. It will help to absorb impact when you strike on the pads, heavy bag, or your opponent.

How to Wrap Your Hands?

  • Choose a kind of hand wrap and unroll it. There will be a loop on one side and a means of fastening the wrap (similar to Velcro) on the other.
  • Spread out all of your fingers and extend your hand with a straight wrist. After finishing your wrap, insert the tip of your thumb into the opening.
  • If necessary, wrap three or four times from your thumb over the outside of your wrist, being careful to maintain the wrap even and flat.
  • Pull the wrap three times around your palm, across the back of your hand, close to your thumb, and the base of your thumb.
  • For added support, wind the wrap around your wrist one more time after winding it from the base of your thumb to its peak and back down again.
  • Wind around your hand once more after wrapping once around your wrist. Finish with a last, lengthy wrist wrap.
  • To check if the wrap is too snug or loose, try it by swinging a few punches after attaching the end to the Velcro. 

Modern Solutions for Hand Protection

To ease the hustle of wearing traditional hand wraps, you can explore a variety of  hand wraps that can be helpful yet trendy at the same time. Listing a few popular choices;

Quick wraps

Quick or slip-on wraps are ideal and esay to wear. These eliminate the need for traditional wrapping techniques. You can easily slide in your hand and secure it with a velcro strap.

Gel wraps

Gel wraps are the most convenient alternative to traditional wraps. You can easily put it on and off and secure your knuckles and wrist.

Silicone knuckle sleeves

For minimalistic knuckle protection, you can opt for these lightweight silicone sleeves.

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Pair up your boxing gloves with hand wraps for impactful punches

Let the hand wraps boost your punches and push you towards best performance in the ring. Remember, true power comes from preparation and hand wraps are the foundation for success. Remember, hand wraps are not just an accessory but an essential part of your boxing gear. Choose the right ones, learn to wrap properly, and experience the difference in your training and performance.

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